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In-person and online drum lessons in Norwich

Something for everyone

There is no one type of person that takes drum lessons or wants to learn something new. I currently teach drums to a Head Master, a shop worker, a Chartered Surveyor, a Gym owner, an IT professional, an Investor and many more people. There are lots of different reasons for wanting to learn and I am happy to work with each individual to achieve their drumming aims.

I teach Drum Kit and Percussion lessons of all playing styles to all ages and abilities in Norwich, from beginners to advanced. My drum lesson plans are designed to fit the individuals needs and to ensure that everybody gets what they want from their drum lessons and that they eventually develop into the complete player. Whatever your goal with drumming and percussion, I am happy to help. Whether it be to tick something off your list that you have always wanted to do, progress through grades, join a band or to develop your playing. I teach a wide range of students in Norwich and across Norfolk in terms of both age and ability.

I encourage the reading of music as this allows you to eventually find your own material and inspiration to develop yourself as a player. It ensures that you are not left dependent on being shown an idea and that you are able to discover things for yourself. I work heavily with both Trinity College and Rockschool. Their books cover a wide range of material which in turn leaves no holes in playing. Trinity offer both a Rock and Pop syllabus as well as a Classical and Jazz syllabus and both require different skill sets. There are many factors within playing and learning that can be shared across genres, for example the similarity between playing an up tempo show tune or a punk song. As well as using material from other publishers, I also have my own syllabus, Start Drumming! There are adult and childrens books available at various levels and you can find information and resources here.

Stuart Addison drum teacher in his Norwich studio

Drum lessons at the studio

I have a custom built detached drum teaching and recording studio in Norwich City Centre. It is a large space dedicated entirely to music. I have 5 high end professional kits and there are always two set up in lessons. I also have a Roland VAD506 electronic drum kit, a wide range of Percussion including a full size professional Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Conga drums, Timbales, and a selection of professional hand percussion. The teaching studio has a full PA system and the ability to record audio and video from drum lessons if it is required by students and their permission is given. This can often be a great way to critique and assess your own playing. I use a lot of technology within the drum lessons and utilise some of the fantastic apps that are available from many different providers. Each week drum lesson and practice notes are written in my own diaries with aims, suggestions and targets to aide your progress.

The studio is also set up for recording with an iMac computer running Logic Pro X and there is a selection of top industry standard Shure microphones.

Drum lessons at the studio are relaxed and fun and it’s a great environment to learn in.

Norwich drum teacher Stuart playing the drums

Online drum lessons

Online lessons are now available and proving very popular. The lessons are live and individually tailored in just the same way as a face to face lesson. Each week you simply login to the private link that is sent to you and the lesson is given in real time. High quality audio and multi camera angles ensure that you get the best learning experience. The studio has high speed fibre broadband and therefore stable and reliable internet connection.

There are no technical gadgets required of students. All that is needed is a phone, tablet or computer with an in built camera and an internet connection. The option is there to add to this set up if you wish but it will not affect your experience. Whatever your setup, you will still receive high quality video and audio from my side.

These lessons work with both acoustic and electric drum kits. Get in touch with any questions and I will be happy to discuss the best options for your situation. The convenience in these lessons mean that there is no longer a need to rush from work or school, simply log in to the lesson link and get started.

The lessons don’t just cover playing, we will also talk a lot about equipment, musicians, bands, recording techniques, playing live etc. I like to share as many insights into drumming as I can. Most importantly, the drum lessons are relaxed and fun! There are no expectations other than those targets or aims that you set yourself. Often these aims will change and develop the longer that you play.

Online drum lessons in Norwich with Stuart Addison

Drum lessons in school

I am currently the Percussion teacher at 2 of the country’s leading independent schools and I have been for the last 10 years. Peripatetic Percussion lessons are something that I am very proud to offer. I am able to work with young people often at the beginning of their musical journey and I introduce them into the world of drumming. It’s a very rewarding job and it ensures that I keep my teaching approach fresh and diverse.

I run several ensembles and bands including a Percussion ensemble, Concert Band, Orchestra, Rock bands, Samba band and Music Tech groups. I am able to notate and arrange music on request and I have a large library of arrangements for percussion that I have put together over many years.

One to one drum tuition in both 30 minute and 1 hour slots Teaching drum kit from the Rock school, Trinity and LCM graded drum lessons syllabus Entry to Rockschool and Trinity grade drum exams possible if required in Norwich GCSE and A level exam preparation.

Learning to play the drums in Norwich